Our Story

Chalė pronounced (Char-lay/Chaa-lay) is an apparel company passionate about celebrating and spreading African Culture

The word is popular (Pidgin English) expression from West Africa and is used in multiple situations in conversation.  It's similar to calling someone "dude" or "homie". We used is playfully, and in a unique way it was a welcoming term among Ghanaians and other West Africans. It's interesting now to hear other people of different backgrounds and ethnicities use it as well.

The term symbolizes uniformity, and equality in people from all walks of life. We thought of numerous ways to explore, share and celebrate our culture. Finally we do so in African motivated fashion through a common jargon.

Our brand's aim is to spread culture and inspire creativity through fashion and with the progression of time, we will bring out more vivacious, and vibrant products to shed more insights on the unique, and extraordinary culture.